• Tom Sussi

Investigation Reunites Mother With Children

A few weeks ago, I received a telephone call from a distraught Columbus woman. Her story immediately caught my attention.

She said that her husband recently moved out, and without her consent, took their two children.

Over the next 20 minutes or so, here's what I learned:

- The couple, both from The Ivory Coast in West Africa, recently moved to Columbus from New York City.

- The girls, ages 3 1/2 and 8, are living somewhere in the Columbus area with their father and his "girlfriend."

- The woman said she called police but was told they needed more information to investigate. These sort of domestic cases typically fall between the cracks with law enforcement.

I took the case and promised I would do everything I could do find where her husband was hiding their children.

After three days of intense investigative work and surveillance, I discovered that the man is living with "the other woman" in a townhouse in Reynoldsburg.

Fast forward to Saturday, April 11, 2020.

I contacted my client and had her meet me at the Reynoldsburg location. Her husband wasn't home but through my investigation, I knew that her two daughters were inside the townhouse.

For nearly ten minutes, my client knocked on the door and begged "the other woman" to produce her two children. Those pleas fell on deaf ears.

I then suggested my client call police. She did. Within a half hour, two officers with Columbus Division of Police arrived on scene.

The officers were let inside the townhouse and about ten minutes later my client's two daughters were allowed to see their mother. There were hugs, kisses and plenty of tears.

In the end, my client was permitted to take her youngest daughter home while this case is sorted out in court. My client is also filing for divorce.




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