• Tom Sussi

Coronavirus Panic Is Everywhere

It's a warm, sunny afternoon, and I'm doing surveillance in a family-friendly, middle class Dublin neighborhood.

My client wants me to see if her ex-husband is violating their child custody agreement.

Sitting in a parked vehicle, sometimes for hours at a time, tends to draw attention and suspicion. It's human nature.

Today is no exception. About an hour into my surveillance, I lock eyes with a man standing in his driveway. It's a look I've seen many times before while on surveillance.

Undoubtedly, my observer's mind is running wild with all sorts of alarming scenarios dancing through his head.

I'm a burglar casing his house.

Maybe a creepy pedophile prowling his neighborhood for victims.

Or, perhaps a CIA operative looking for a terrorist. Ok, I admit this one might be a bit far fetched.

In these situations, you have two options:

Ignore them.

Or, ease their mind, and identify yourself. On this day, I choose the later. Big mistake!

As I opened my vehicle's door, and took two small steps toward the man, he immediately recoiled like a spooked snake and yelled, "Don't! Don't come any closer!"

Ah, that's right, social distancing! Immediately, I stopped in my tracks. "Can I leave my business card for you here on the driveway," I asked.

"No! Take your card. Go," he shouted.

By no means am I exaggerating this exchange. You would have thought I had explosives taped to my chest. The guy was that fearful.

The world, as we knew it, is over. Social distancing is now our new way of life and will be for some time. And, until we have a vaccine, fear and panic, just like the coronavirus, remain in the air.

On the bright side, I don't expect anyone to walk up to my vehicle during surveillance.




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